Fairy Tale Weddings

No, I'm not an actual Disney Wedding coordinator, but I'd love to be. This is a place where the special day becomes everything you wanted it to be; a place where your childhood becomes fused with the day that marks the rest of your life.
Julie Andrews

—Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Spectacular



Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Spectacular, Disneyland

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Fairy Tale Weddings: Fun Fact!!


There are several stories of who the Ghost Bride of the Haunted Mansion is and what is her story. These are my two favorites:

1. Constance Hatchaway is the Ghost Bride of the Haunted Mansion. She has had 5 husbands in the past, all being immensely wealthy and all mysteriously dying by beheading….

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Fun Fact!!


The employees at Disneyland never ask to work at the Haunted Mansion. They believe the building to be actually haunted due to the popularity of guests throwing ashes of their deceased loved ones into the ride.

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